Appendix (Updated: 11/17/18)

The following example exercises can be viewed as butoh psychodramas or rituals. They all make use of Jo-Ha-Kyu and are often for more than one person (cobody). The point eventually is to create your own psychodrama/ritual.

Shadow & Flower — Transforming our shadows to light.

Precious Something — Gratefulness and learning to let go.

Last Performance, Five Minutes — Making performance count.

Child Heart — Gratefulness, bhakti, the archetypes of mother, father, earth, heaven, sun, and/or stars. Softening the heart.

Back Body — Resonance with the hidden, both physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Ouroboros — Resonance with the entire spectrum of age and the between death and life.

Disco Nightmare — Being limited, stuck body, being bullied.

Guardians of the Kingdom — Acceptance. Perseverance.

Cthulhu Under Lake Michigan — Releasing shadows/edges, and transmutation.

Blowing a Gasket — Releasing through explosiveness.

Shame On You — Releasing shame trauma.

Zen Void Fill — Resonating with subconscious ticks and mannerisms.

Sleep Paralysis Victim — Resonating/overcoming sleep paralysis.

Fifth Dimensional Being — Feeling our multi-dimensional self and/or parallel worlds.

Origin — Investing who or what we actually are.

Flower Walk — Flower resonance. Becoming-flower. Letting something move you.

Waterfall Solace — Letting go. Alchemy. Transmutation.

Birth Parents — Resonance and/or coming to terms with mother or father.

Negativity Lens — About the cognitive distortion of discounting the positive from Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Winner/Loser for Life — Brings to the surface the cognitive distortions of catastrophizing, labeling, and/or black-and-white thinking from Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Automatic Saboteur — Brings to the surface the cognitive distortions of mind reading and/or personalization from Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Alchemist of Yes Mountain — On becoming aware of boundaries and transmutation.

Demon Master — Shadow resonance and working with difficult edges.

Slain In The Spirit — Religious ecstasy.

Discarded Sheet of Paper — Humility. Transformation.

Happy Quickstand Victim — Edge or death resonance. Transformation.

Ego Feast — Ego resonance. Clown. Death.

Empathy Victim — Brings to the surface the cognitive distortion of control fallacy from Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Also on the difficulty of being an empath.

You Better Not Spill One Drop — Releasing guilt and an over-disciplinary past.

Wrecking Ball — Softening the heart.

Flopping Imbecile — Clown. Anti-fighting. Ineptitude.

Immovable Force vs Unstoppable Object — Paradox.

Star Holder — Feeling our power regardless of others’ envy.

God Paradox —Paradox. Solipsism.

Passion of The Christ — Sacrifice. Dark world resonance.

That’s Not Fair — Brings to the surface the cognitive distortion called the fallacy of fairness from Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Blue Flower — Overcoming depression.

Phobia & Totem — Overcoming phobias.

Sigil — Wish-desiring ritual.

Paper Edge — 4 forms of edge/trigger work.

Cobody to Subbody Deterritorialization

With any of these psychodramas that call for cobody (more than one person), the cobody can take place in one individual body, essentially forming a chimera. For instance, if we want to engage the ego feast psychodrama, one body part (e.g. the leg) can be the vanity princess/egomaniac and some other parts of the body can be the fanboys/fangirls that eventually devour this vanity princess.

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