Waterfall Solace

The participant is to brainstorm or feelstorm a recent negative emotion, especially that of resentment, anger, shame, or guilt.

(Jo) The shadow the participant(s) have been forming have turned them to stone. They are a stone body. Feel this heavy physical, emotional, and psychological state.

(Ha) The participant begins the stone walk toward the end of the space. It is very difficult to walk, but he/she/they do anyway. Midway, however, the participant feels something wet forming on the stone body. A waterfall begins to form.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) The waterfall completely forms. The embodied heaviness begins to ease. Though there is stone underneath the waterfall, the participant is now also the water that knows when to drop what is not needed. The participant feels the prior rough edges of the stone body now smoothed out. Then the participant feels the water eroding the body entirely until he/she/they are a smooth pebble.

The participant is suddenly back in the world with a tender body, and he/she/they are holding the pebble in the hand. This pebble is now precious, a power object.

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