Automatic Saboteur

These exercises bring to the surface the cognitive distortions of mind reading and/or personalization from Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Exercise 1: Vicious Ash Body

(Jo) One participant stands in ash body and remains there for the remainder of the exercise. A second participant (the victim) approaches and embodies a strange sense of fear from the ash body participant.

(Ha) The victim feels danger out of the motionless ash body participant even though it is the victim that keeps approaching. Now the victim embodies being physically, emotionally, and psychologically attacked.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) The victim performs this complete attack to the point of collapsing on the floor in a pool of blood. Depersonalization begins as the body freezes on the floor. Participant dies. The ash body participant wakes up and leaves the space. The victim begins shakes and convulsions followed by gentle breath and sway.

Exercise 2: Slow Zombie

This is the same concept except the ash body is a very slow and stupid zombie. The victim is also hysterical and gets too close and so gets bitten. The resulting Kyu is the victim finally turning into a zombie.

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