Alchemist of Yes Mountain

Life is composed of both medicine and poison. Oftentimes, it is a matter of dose. One person’s medicine is another’s poison. A gift to one person may be a Trojan horse to another. The alchemist navigates through both medicines and poisons and is never harmed. The alchemist accepts all gifts even if they are poisons because he or she knows how to work with the gifts. The alchemist is also grateful for all gifts. Whether or not the alchemist can transform a poison gift into medicine, the alchemist accepts the gift. This does not mean the gift (especially poison) is consumed. A gift may be given back as a gift to something or someone else who may be able to use it as medicine.Dance your Alchemist of Yes Mountain. Embody gratitude, acceptance, taking, and giving. Feel the open palm of both acceptance and power.

(Jo) Identify the ambiguous something that you do not know is medicine or poison.

(Ha) Accept the gift whether it is perceived as medicine or poison. If poison, maybe you have to let it go. If medicine, feel it as a medicine.

(Kyu) Become The Alchemist of Yes Mountain. You are able to easily transform or let go of poisons and enjoy medicines.

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