Child Heart

(Jo) The participant spends a good time resonating with Earth followed by the sky, sun, and/or stars. After, the Earth will be said to represent Mother and the sky, sun, and/or stars Father. Because of the deep resonation, a grateful feeling is gained and the participant wishes to send an offering to Mother and Father in some way.

(Ha) Arms reach deep down into Earth and scoop a lump of earth. With a feeling of reverence, the hands gradually make their way up to the sky in Palm Up fashion (see section Gesture). This will be an offering to Father. The participant waits till the gift is received and in exchange, Father gives you fire. You even feel the warmth of the fire. Now again in Palm Up fashion, the arms gradually return deep into the earth. This fire is an offering for Mother. You wait till mother receives the gift and in exchange gives you more earth. This gift exchange is repeated until there is a feeling of strong connection between mother and father. If Mother is below and Father is above, then who are you? You are the child. Feel yourself embraced between Mother and Father.

(Kyu) Because we are in harmony with both Mother and Father, we are free to be the child now. Play. Play and even focus awareness at the heart center. Listen to the voice. If you become cautious, know that boundaries can also be gold. Consider following this exercise with Karate Painter.

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