Negativity Lens

This exercise brings to the surface the cognitive distortion of minimizing and discounting the positive from Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

(Jo) One participant begins in ash body inside a large circle of slow walking participants. They slow walk with a gift toward the center participant. The gift will be placed on the floor next to the center participant. There is another participant, however, a provocateur, and he/she/they are out on the side or just outside the window looking in.

(Ha) Despite all the gifts coming to the center participant, he/she/they are fixated on the provocateur who gradually increases intensity. The center participant embodies anger, which increases with the prevaricator’s actions.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) The center participant embodies so much anger, he/she/they reaches a threshold and freezes in space. The provocateur gets bored and leaves the space. The center participant then breaks out into shakes or convulsions that transition into sways and gentle breath.