Sleep Paralysis Victim

Exercise 1: Frozen

(Jo) One participant lies on his/her/their back in frozen state and with eyes open. The victim wants to move, but is unable to do so.

(Ha) As the victim continues trying to move, one or more participants acting as demons approach to tantalize. The intensity grows and grows to the point of being absolutely intolerable.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) They are so intolerable that the victim decides to surrender his/her/their entire being. Suddenly, the victim awakens in shakes or convulsions. Immediately, the demons disperse. The protagonist sighs the most soothing sigh of relief. He/she/they then begin to gradually wake up. The protagonist is grateful for having control of the body again.

Exercise 2: Sleep Walk

(Jo) One participant ash walks toward the end of the room. They want to move normally, but can only move in ash walk.

(Ha) The participant physically pulls from the ash walk in whatever direction but it is extraordinarily difficult. The victim feels as if he/she/they are connected to a heavy band. The further they come out from the ash walk, the more resistance there is, and the force gets so strong that the victim is pulled right back into ash walk. This happens till the victim reaches the end of the space.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) While in the ash body, the victim awakens slowly into the real world. He/she/they are grateful for regaining control.

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