Precious Something

For 5 or 10 minutes, let the participants brainstorm or feelstorm a person, place, thing, or idea that is very special to them.

(Jo) At one end of the space, a row of participants will feel the personally researched special item.

(Ha) In whichever way that resonates (hands, whole arms, head, shoulder) the participants will hold this special item while Slow Walking to the end of the room.

(Kyu) Though there are varying similar scenarios, there are two different ways in which this psychodrama can end.

1. A stream is visualized and the special item is delicately offered to the stream. The participant resonates with the sound and feeling of the stream that has taken the special item.

2. The special item turns into a bird. Gradually the participant loosens their grip and the bird flies away into the horizon. The participant watches as the bird gets smaller and smaller toward the horizon till there is only horizon left. Then the participant resonates with the horizon.

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