Flopping Imbecile

Exercise 1: Flopping Imbecile Competition

The following exercise is one of the hybrid clown/bouffon.

(Jo) Two characters face each other in statue at the center of a circle of frenzied onlookers. The two in the center are adversaries and decide to compete for who has the most stupid and disastrous falls or flops.

(Ha) One at a time, the falling imbeciles attempt to out-pathetic each other into increasing intensity.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) The depravity reaches its climax. The time limit is reached and the frenzied onlookers decide the winner by falling onto them like deranged good-for-nothings.

Exercise 2: My Flop, Your Fault

This exercise brings to the surface the cognitive distortion self-serving bias from Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

(Jo) One character is in statue or ash body as another character flops/falls.

(Ha) Each time the character flops, he/she/they automatically blames the ash body in some way by either looking back in disappointment, anger and/or disbelief. Also see gesture. Each flop increases this certitude that one has done nothing wrong or made no mistake at all.

(Kyu) The participant finally just dies while pointing at the ash body.

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