You Better Not Spill One Drop

This exercise brings to the surface the cognitive distortion of blaming from Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

(Jo) While in ash body, one participant carries a glass of water full to the rim. Another one or two participants invade the ash walker’s personal space and await hypervigilantly for any spill. If the ash walker spills even one drop, the hypervigilantes turn into ferocious beasts. But they also subside in order to continue awaiting for another accident.

(Ha) The walk goes on and increases in intensity. The more the ash walker spills, the more angry the hypervigilantes get. If, however, the ash walker is so talented as to not spill a drop, the hypervigilantes get bored and secretly tap the ash walker so that he or she has an accident, which will of course be followed by explosions of beastly anger by the hypervigilantes themselves. By the time the ash walker reaches the end, he/she/they has had enough.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) He/she/they feels the peak of frustration. Gradually, the ash walker tips the glass, spilling all of the water. The beasts are furious. Then the ash walker drops the glass. The beasts cannot believe it. The ash walker breaks out in shakes or convulsions, which frightens the beasts. The former ash walker now embodies a water body, wild and free.

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