Blue Flower

This is a psychodrama about depression, one of the major psychiatric complaints.

(Jo) The participant begins from one side of the room and feels the feeling of deep sadness. They take on a droopy or collapsed qualia.

(Ha) As the participant walks, the guide gradually speaks out the following statements that can be broken down into Aaron Beck’s Triad Model of irrational beliefs about: (1) the self; (2) the world; (3) the future. The model stems from Cognitive Restructuring Therapy, a form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy

1. You are a sad human being. (An irrational belief of the self.)

2. Everything is hopeless. (An irrational belief of the world.)

3. Nothing will ever go right. (An irrational belief of the future.)

4. You are useless. (An irrational belief of the self.)

With every line, the body collapses or droops more than before, till by the time the last (or 4th) line is recited, the participant is one lump of feces on the ground.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) Feel the qualia of feces. Participant dies. Gradually, the participant mixes into earth, creating a very fertile soil. Some unspecified force is aware of this and grants you a spark or tiniest seed. Gradually, this seed blossoms into a flower. The flower is a beautiful blue color.

¹Beck, Aaron, T.; Rush, A. John; Shaw, Brian F.; Emery, Gary (1987). Cognitive Therapy of Depression. Guilford Press.
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