Star Holder

(Jo) One participant ash walks while holding an object near the core (or lower Dan Tien). The object has immense power, as much power as a star, and the ash walker knows this, yet is able to withstand the power without breaking the ash walk.

(Ha) Another participant sees this and steals the object because he/she/they lust for power. This thief tunes into the power qualia and lets the power take control. The power possesses this thief to the point of a frenzy. Having been ravaged, the thief tries to return the object with every bit of effort he/she/they have left. It is very difficult, but the object finally gets returned to its rightful owner.

(Kyu)The ash walker gets his/her/their object back, never once haven broken out of ash walk. The ash walker stops in ash body and feels the return of the object.

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