Demon Master

Exercise 1: Candyman of Demons

(Jo) One participant (the candyman) begins in statue in front of a gang of demons.

(Ha) The demons gradually approach, increasing intensity in provocation and noise. All the while, the candyman begins moving the hand which is full of candy. Immediately, the demons notice and go from provocation to curiosity and anticipation like a dog to a treat. The candyman approaches slowly and lays the candy on the floor as the demons crowd with excitement. The candyman leaves the candy and steps away slowly.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) The demons go wild over the candy and some even fight over it. The candyman returns to statue statue which gives power. The demons become allies and adorn the candyman.

Exercise 2: Princess of Demons

(Jo) The princess begins with an immobile ash body inside a circle of demons approaching the center.

(Ha) The demons approach with increasing intensity. Eventually they have invaded the princess’s personal space. Gradually, the princess breaks out of ash body and transforms into a demon herself. The surrounding demons are taken off guard and settle down their intensity in order to see what ensues. The princess’s demonic intensity gradually grows beyond anything they could ever imagine.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) Climax is reached. The princess gradually transforms back into a princess and slowly beyond walks in any direction she pleases. The surrounding demons take on her behind world but as allies. They are now her personal legion of demons.

Exercise 3: Beast Entertainer

(Jo) One or more beasts approach to attack or eat the victim.

(Ha) The victim then does something entertaining (dance or type of movement) to distract the demon. The demon may either immediately get distracted or gradually come out of beast mode, but the beast also gets quickly bored of the distraction and continues approaching to attack, so new things entertainments have to be generated.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) The victim escapes and the beast has been entertained enough to turn into a happy beast.

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