Paper Edge

This is a psychodrama on edge work. The participants are all given one sheet of paper, and are given time to find a deep shadow or edge that will represent this sheet of paper.

(Jo)  The sheet of paper is placed in one part of the space, and the closer we come to the paper, the closer we get to the edge.

(Ha 1) This is the friendship approach to edge work. We resonate with our personal edge’s zone of tolerance. We might often try to confront the edge too quickly or prematurely, and deep psychological work may not be possible when we are overwhelmed or elevated. What we can do, however, is get close enough to the tolerable limit and stop there. This is getting close, but not too close to the edge. Over time, we may be able to get closer and closer till we find resonance with the edge.

(Ha 2) This is the cold procedural approach. This is a form of resonance that involves turning off temporarily as we get into the edge zone. We zoom right into the edge and be okay as we have turned off all associations and feelings emotionally to the edge. We are like soldiers. Over time, we may be able to turn less and less of ourselves off as we are in the vicinity of the edge.

(Ha 3) This is the play approach. We acknowledge that we are after all in theater, and the edge is to be approached lightly for now. Play as a child would and notice any discoveries.

(Ha 4) This is a remix approach. So as to not exactly experience (or re-experience trauma) as it may not be helpful at all for some, one method is to edit/reduce the experience so that it like the trauma but different, hence perhaps more approachable. Go into a similar situation, but not the same situation.

(Kyu) Dance any progress in edge work.

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