Ego Feast

(Jo) One participant enters into an ego pose around a circle of fans.

(Ha) In this large circle, the fans sway in place in trance and gradually approach the egomaniac. Midway, the fans transform into hungry beasts. They get more and more hungry and depraved the closer they get to the egomaniac. Eventually, they reach the center and begin eating the egomaniac, but he/she/they do not care. This egomaniac is actually “too good” for pain so he/she/they remains in the pose, even though the ravaged fans are bringing him/her/them down to the ground.

(Kyu/Kyu to New Jo) By the time the egomaniac is on the ground, he/she has already died, but the fans continue eating like vultures. The dead egomaniac wakes up as another ravaging beast.

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