World of Birds and Beasts

You enter the world of birds, the world of beasts.
Transforming yourself is the longest journey
you can make without leaving a place.
You join the world.

In this world, there is a drama of birds
changing into trees or shafts of light, down and body temperature.
Give up all the human qualities. Sterile.
What is perceived while moving?
Abstract of bird nerves. Angles. Nothingness. Contrast. Emphasis,
Metamorphosis of birds becoming old women,
white doves becoming children.
Look for the key of metamorphosis in the form of birds.

Their litheness, their heaviness and lightness. Capricious.
How to go close to the time that beasts possess.
Sleep. Play. Existence beyond analysis.
Observe them thoroughly.
Hand of God gives a hundred percent sureness to the whims of animals.
Cannot dance any more after having followed the animals.

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