Stuffed Birds

A stuffed bird is flying in the wind.
(It is almost like the bird which used to fly when it was alive.)
It is aware of wires that run inside the body,
its cloudy eyes, and feathers which tremble at the slightest wind.
There is cotton inside you instead of internal organs.
Your feathers have become yellow.
You have a desire to fly.
You are aware that young chicks found in a nest underneath a rock want flight
more than birds which are already flying.
You are also aware of the time when you used to fly,
and the space in which you used to fly.
You are aware of your weightlessness.
You are also aware of the dry parts of your body
after you have become a stuffed bird.

You are also aware of the tiny space of contact with the pedestal.
There may be bugs eating into you.
The pedestal may slip out of position.
The down on your chest may cover your face in the wind.

The speed of these various expressions are important.

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