Scrapbook 11

This scrapbook is called Stone Wall and contains 33 images.

Artists featured in this scrapbook include Picasso, Fautreir, Debuffet, Odilon Redon, Aso Saburo, Fukazawa Ichiro, and Yazaki Torao. He also made use of photographs of the Aspergillus fungus and a fungus thought to be Penicillium.

As shown in Kurt Wurmli’s The Power of Image; Top left: Aso Saburo – Male Head. Top right: Detail of a Bs Relief, Sassanian Period, Iran c. 500 AC; Bottom: unknown, 1901 by Georges Rouault
From Kurt Wurmli’s The Power of Image. Top left: Aspergillus fungus; Top right: Penicillium. Bottom: Jean Fautrier’s Mademoiselle


Wurmli, Kurt. The Power of Image – Hijikata Tatsumi’s Scrapbooks and the Art of Buto. PhD Dissertation. University of Hawaii. 2008.  Page 255 – 259.
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