The room is filled with pollen.
Show the density and drowsiness of the pollen.
The air itself is very sleepy.
The dance of the pollen is itself wrapped in pollen.
The air is dull and damp under an overcast sky,
like during the spring flower season.
The air is dizzy.

1. Your body is made of flower pollen.
Your fingertips are pinching thread as if you are yarning.
Your fingertips also pick small flowers.
You are now changing into Rodin’s Hanako
who is wearing a hat and who has long hair.
Then Hanako has transformed into a very dense pollen.
It slowly starts evaporating,
and you slowly retreat into the background
relying only on the sense of touch and your fingertips.

2. There is a roomful of flower pollen.
When you take a closer look,
one thick portion looks like a rooster like in a painting by Jakuchu Ito.
But then, it is still a wall of pollen.
It looked as if the pollen started walking,
but then again it started looking like Jakuchu’s rooster.
But again, it only looked like a wall of pollen.
It retreats into the background.
Finally, it again becomes enveloped in a dense wall of pollen.

3. Out of the dense wall of pollen, a person made of pollen appears.
The person again becomes wrapped around in pollen and disappears.
(Example of the person here are: Drawings by Beardsley, Goya’s family portrait. Francis Bacon’s man with a letter in his hands. Turner’s boatman.)

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