Person At The War-Ravaged City

Person forlornly standing amid the remains of a war-ravaged city.
The person is suffering from diarrhea, and the rain falls mercilessly upon him.
Nothing can be done.
The desire to do things disappears into thin air.
This condition becomes a wall.
This wall is now transformed into faces in a family portrait,
which sinks into the swamp inside his body.
The body comes out of this swamp
in the form of Redon’s black Pegasus embracing darkness.
This Pegasus changes itself into a goat
whose horns and back are shrouded in a robe made of pus.
The goat is listening to the shrieking call of a shrike.
It transforms back into the person with burns all over his body,
who is wandering around in a burnt-out orchard.

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