One Finger


You are focusing your attention on one finger.
A lady character in Beardsley’s drawing appears.
She passes through a vacuum chamber.
The person, made only of nerves, becoems stagnated in the air.
She then acquires a third dimension.
It looks like a diamond, which holds an image of a bird inside.
This bird is an abstract bird.
Out of the abstract bird, a peacock appears.
(It has a long tail and colorful feathers.
Rough feathers on its hips; its knees are shaking,
its crest feathers are also shaking.
It is aware of clouds above its shoulders.
It is also aware of cosmic rays reaching it.)

The peacock is then transformed into a stuffed snipe.
The snipe bird takes two steps.
Out of this, Beardsley’s lady again appears.
She withdraws focusing her attention on the nerves of her fingertips.
The body retreats led by the nerves of her fingertips.

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