Woman in the Swamp

by Frances Barbe

At the bottom of a swamp sits a woman.

A sound awakens her body to motion.

She emerges dripping to the surface, with creatures and moss

sticking to her.

She walks across Monet’s Water Lilies, smelling with her ears and

arms for the sound that awoke her.

Her tail darts behind her, guiding her direction.

Her flashing eyes of fire throw dangerous glances into space.

Attacked by darts from within her body, her torso is pierced.

She is emptied through these holes.

Air rushes into the empty body and she becomes a spirit.

Melting back into the water, she floats on its current.


Fraleigh, Sondra & Nakamura, Tamah. Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Kazuo. NY, New York. 2006. Page 137.
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