“Dozo”, A Storage Building Made of Dried Mud

There is a person.
There are insects inside his eyes and insects on his back.
His hands become dead shrubs.
His mouth becomes contorted with a cramp.
Suddenly, the person is caught in a fine net, used for catching birds.
He is captured again and again in different layers of the net on the side,
in the back and out in front.

He first becomes a person made of darkness,
then a person made of a bubble.
The bubble man becomes a wall-like person.
He then is ripped away from his own wall.
The dust from the wall gets into his eyes
and he is again captured in the net.

Wings appear on his back,
but the roots of the wings are burnt and he cannot fly.
A big face appears above his head.
He continuously traces distortions in the air
like the screaming girl in munch’s painting.

The girl is suspended in the air by threads and slowly moves to the right and comes back to the original spot.
At that point, she becomes a person in Dubuffet’s painting.
The person opens the door but shuts it again and disappears behind the door.
(Movements of the girl and the man of the door
must be three-dimensional and have width.)

Repeat the same movements from the insect to the man on the door,
this time thinner.
Finally, a rustling costume appears,
without the person wearing it.

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