Bird Dances

Put some bird dances together.

1. A duck’s neck stretches and becomes a crane’s neck.
It then contracts and becomes buried in the body.
Two variations of crow.
A crow flies very low.
You are aware of the crow’s flight, its thin and almost transparent wings.
This has become a stone-like crow.

2. From a three-year old bird to a 500-year old bird.
A chick which glows with a dim candlelight.
You are aware of its soft down, white eyes,
its warmth after being hatched and its sleep.
While keeping these elements, it slowly becomes a crow on the road.

The feathers of the crow on the road become plump
and it is now a dove.
The white feathers of the dove spread and evaporate like mist,
like fine pollen in the air.
it does not care what happens to it.
Then it has transformed itself into smoke,
and out of this smoke a peacock appears,
which does nothing.
Its useless feathers are wrapped in darkness.
The peacock becomes ill.
Pus appears on the feathers and the feathers start to fall away.
The neck hurts and it is aware of bad breath.

It becomes a ferocious bird.
It becomes a bird of prey, first a hawk,
then a bronze statue of a bird.
Then it becomes one of the witches
who have transformed herself into a bird, like in Goya’s painting.
Finally it becomes a complex of various birds.
The whole thing becomes enveloped in darkness lasting 500 years.

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