Some angels have big wings
while others have small wings like those of moths sprinkling powder.

1. A female angel with big wings
like in the painting of the Annunciation by Leonardo de Vinci.

2. An angel like Ave Maria drawn by da Vinci.
Her left hand is placed on the shoulder of Cupid.
She smiles as she stares at Cupid. She has huge wings on her back.

3. A male angel looking at the world below.
He feels the breeze from the world below.

4. A male angel holding the scale of justice.
He is not aware that he himself is being judged.

5. A male angel looking through a crack in the sky.
He peels a cloud and peeps into the sky beyond.

6. An angel meditating, two of his fingers upright.
These angels move like if a feather softly lands on the ground. This speed is vital.

The dancer must show the big wings on the back
as well as the bee-like wings around his waist.
The wind is important.
You must be aware of the fine hair on the very edge of the feathers.
The bee-like wings of angel (2) is like a mother’s love for her child.
The wings of angel (3) fold up when above,
and are spread when they come flapping down.
The back of this angel is hunched.
the (6) angel only has the left wing.
Each angel has different things.

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