Your Body Disintegrates Because You Are Being Watched From All Angles

There is a person walking.
He is aware that he is slowly disintegrating
because he is being watched from all angles.

At first he is aware of something that is staring at him from the back.
Then he is aware of something that stares at him from the front.
the from the right and front.
Then from the front and left.
Then the something stares up at him from his feet.
Then the something stares at him from above.
The process is repeated again and again until the body is disintegrated.

Finally there are only particles.

(The particles are aware that the world around them has entirely changed.
The particles can become ghosts if they acquire some dampness.
They can even become particles that form the edges of the dress worn
by the noble lady like in Aubrey Beardsley’s drawing.)

This person, made of particles inherent of these many changes,
wander around, aware of the threads that permeate the air,
just like the lines of sight that stared at you in the first place.

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