World of Toyen

You become three costumes of light like in the drawing by Toyen.
They are ghosts.
They reach up endlessly into the air.
These ghosts represent the following: one of extension,
one with a ball of white light looming just above its head,
and one of extreme thinness.
Repeat these three forms.
As you repeat these forms, the ghosts become a shadow.
Out of this shadow, a noble lady like in the drawing by Beardsley appears.
There is a butterfly on the face of the noble lady.
This noble lady almost disappears into the darkness behind her,
but reappears as a noble lady leaning on somebody
like in the drawing by Beardsley.

She is playing a violin made of light.
She smiles.
Beams of light appear from the edges of her eyes and mouth.
The reflection of the light multiplies her.
They become like light of smoke.
(This is called Toyen’s light of smoke.)
This smoke pours down, and becomes a leopard like in Toyen’s drawing.
the leopard’s belly starts shining and it becomes a lion made of light.
The manes of the lion are electrified.
The lion in turn becomes a small girl dancing an Indonesian dance.
Her back is slightly burned.
Feeling the pain of the burn on her back, she starts standing up
and then is transformed into a pale-faced ghost with a baby in its mouth.

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