Women In “Ukiyoe” Have Become Ghosts

1. A female ghost is hugging her dead child.
She is like a willow in the wind, she is wandering in the air.
This ghost becomes another one holding small fireworks.
She then becomes a ghost holding a small bowl.
This ghost almost disappears into the air.
The ghost becomes a separate ghost holding a kimino
on her hands stretched out in front.
She retreats into the background.
This ghost is transformed into another ghost
who is drawing her lips using a lip brush, who comes out in front.
This ghost becomes another one wandering in the forest.
The ghost turns around once,
and becomes a ghost attached to a wooden door on her back.
She disappears into the wooden door and the wooden door itself disappears.

2. A ghost with a paper fan appears.
She takes a step forward and becomes a ghost of a big mother.
The ghost is wrapped in flower pollen.
Out of the pollen, the ghost of the woman with a paper fan reappears.
She then becomes a ghost sitting on a bench.
She then becomes the ghost of a woman who is fishing.
The fishing woman’s ghost becomes like a plume of smoke stretching up in the air.
The ghost’s fingertips catch spider’s webs in the air.
This ghost becomes a different woman blowing on a glass whistle.
This ghost starts disappearing into the air.
Then, a ghost with an umbrella appears.
She enters a bush.
She stops. She becomes more and more transparent, and then disappears.

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