Walk of a Measure aka Walk of a Log

The following is a summary from Seisaku Nagaoka’s translation/note of Walk of a Measure butoh-fu:

You walk as a log that is the size of a human.

There is a string pulling your head up.

You walk as a measure that moves.

Elbows go behind you. Hands at the seams.

Water is dripping from the fingertips.

There is a basin at the top of your head with sulfuric acid.

You have four versions of yourself that walk at the same time as you beside/in front/behind you.

The you walking now is the real you.

Gradually, the whole room is full of you walking in all directions.


Nagaoka, Seisaku. Exploring Japanese Avant-Garde Art Through Butoh Dance Online Course, Keio University. Step 3.14. Video. Sept 2018. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/japanese-avant-garde-art-butoh
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