Various Places

1. “Space of Wind” — Things being tossed about by the wind.
Madness. Monsters. Kinds of wind. Nothingness.
You are not dancing the wind, you are being tossed around by the wind.

2. “Space of Flower Pollen” — Extract the substance of dullness.
A heavy face covers another heavy face and so until they become layers.

3. “Space of Evaporation” — Wearing a cane made of light.
You are made of particles and who is trembling like the wings of a bee.

4. “Space of Light” — Three costumes of light by Toyen. A whirlwind of light.
A butterfly of light is sinking. Lion of light.
Bird of light. Ball of light.

5. “Space of Smoke” — Smoke gradually becomes heavy.
A lotus flower. A woman squatting in the garden.
Woman whose electrified hair is made of light.
The woman melts in the smoke and becomes nothing.

6. “Space of Swamp” — Size of swamp, the weight of the swamp.
Foul odors. Green muck on the surface.
Pus flows out of your ears. Decomposed gums.
Slippery things on your sole. Brains pour out.
From fallen angel to a mask.

7. “Space of Flowers” — From Hanako’s face to a mask.
Alterations of fingers
(petal, small firework, brooch, dove, shellfish, spool of thread.)
When you pull the thread, you change into a slight fool,
then a half fool, then a complete fool, then a Kotaro young samurai,
then an old woman in Goya’s drawing, then a deaf person, then a strange dwarf.
The dwarf holds a short knife.
He is aiming at capillary nerves floating in the sky.

8. “Space of Willow” — This is the ultimate space of nerves. Nerves like in the works of art by Michaux, Wols, and Polltus.
The accumulation of nerves hangs out like branches of a willow tree
and is trying to melt into the air.
The root of the nerves like in the drawing by Polltus has grown.
Straw dust in the wall. Dolls made of thin wires.
Hair is growing from below your nose, your chin and behind your ears.
Your entire body stretches sideways.

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