There are two forms of time, artificial and natural.

Artificial time is the time of the modern world and bears a duplicity illusion. My conjecture is that nothing can be precisely duplicated. Even Aristotle’s Law of Noncontradiction principle of A = A may not take into account time. The first A and the second A exist in different space-times. Though Aristotle may be referring to the original A, there may be something lost in the process. So artificial time has the following characteristics: (1) Illusion; (2) Rhythm; (3) Meter; (4) Lag.

Natural time or butoh time on the other hand has no rhythm. Think of the flight of a butterfly. Does the butterfly dance in a specific time like a ballet dancer? Is the butterfly counting? Butoh time has the following characteristics: (1) Lack of rhythm; (2) Nowness; (3) Immediacy; (4) Newness; (5) Chaos.

Even though I have classified here two different times, at the end of the day, I feel there is always only one time, and that is Butoh Time. The so-called artificial time just appears to not be in harmony with nature, but is automatically in harmony with nature. We may just not be able to see it. If anybody were to zoom into any rhythm (e.g. a heart rhythm), one would find that there is not one identical wave function. Butoh just blows up this concept to make it more obvious.

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