Threads of Drawings of Noble Ladies By Beardsley

Lines of drawings of noble ladies by Aubrey Beardsley
first overlap each other and then become entangled.
The lines become thicker,
and they become soaking wet by sucking dampness in the air.
Out of this, a horse’s neck appears.
Many faces of the horse again start overlapping each other to form layers.
This becomes solid in the end.
This in tern becomes a man wearing a thin mask made of wood
who enters a forest.
he is also made of the same wood that makes up the mask.
He is blown once around by the wind,
and the trees in the forest stare at him,
which melts him down into the form of a horse slowly sinking into a swamp.

The horse then becomes a huge snail.
Then the snail then becomes a ghost who is carrying a baby in his mouth.
The ghost’s face becomes a heavy neck.
He walks around without any particular destination.
There is a huge fish in the air and he is staring at it.
When a swallow flies underneath hair growing out of the ghost’s nose,
he has suddenly been transformed into a moth on the floor.
The moth becomes wet and then becomes a strange animal.
The animal crawls around and exits.

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