Thin Wall of Pus Shining In White

You are covered in pus.
You are crawling around, dragging your own pus.
Gradually, the pus becomes a thin wall.
Auguste Rodin’s sculpture of Hanako, infected with neurosyphilis,
appears from this wall.
Hanako becomes somewhat like a flower petal,
and then changes back into the form of a thin wall of pus.

This wall then becomes Giovanni Bernini’s sculpture of “St. Theresia”
whose nerves are almost melting with joy.
St. Theresia’s nerves then become pus again,
and a number of women appear in the pus.
These women become entangled with each other.

While trying to disentangle them,
the nerves reappear which piles on the top of the head.
The pile of nerves erupt like in a painting by the German painter Wols.
The whole thing becomes a ball of smoke.

The ball then becomes a butterfly with thin wings.
The butterfly comes walking.

Other butterflies flutter and cover your face.
The whole thing becomes the screaming girl in the painting by Munch.
The girl pulls threads from the air.
The threads transform into light,
which then become a cape which covers her.

She tries becoming a person made of glass,
but the threads of light snap,
and all the nerves in your body flow out of you like Polltus.

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