The Strange Prince

The only mode of expression for the dancer here are the conditions
by which your soul would partake of the things described below.
The appearance of a strange prince is the main theme of this dance.
Do not use ambiguous movements.
The movements here are clear-cut sections of emotions.

Bear in mind the following: Frightening speed.
Meanings which catch up with the dance after you have completed the movements.
Ghastliness of monotonous movements.
Gestures irrelevant to your own will or emotions.
Time stops. The Labyrinth within your body.

The mind may be leaning towards the front and left,
but your arms and legs do not follow.
The body breaks apart.

The posture itself is not grotesque.
It is time itself that you took to dance this which is grotesque.
The dance should be constructed and then destroyed.
You should not walk,
but rather you should carry your body as an object,
such as petrification.
The character of the strange prince is as follows:
Fine nerves like in plants. He is as if wearing a crown made of brass,
which is delicately shaking.
However, he does have some parts that are shining in an otherwise dull glow.
The parts that are shining are like those you see in a revolving mirror.
This man is a contrast between what is repeated and what is omitted.
The first thing that appears is a deer’s head
which is decorated with excessive hair ornaments like for an Oiran,
a Japanese traditional geisha.

Flowers bloom out of the head.
This then transforms into a fallen angel,
who is basked in a cascade of light.
The body stretches and becomes a Gecko lizard.
This then becomes a man named Boccachio in a painting by Joseph Turner.
He is then enveloped in ecstasy.
Thousands of flowers come falling down on him
and he is then transformed into a form danced by the dancer Nijinsky.
The form then becomes solid and is now a doll.
Steam then appears, which melts the doll.
The doll has now become a cloud. From the cloud, a peacock appears.
The peacock then spreads his feathers.
Out of the peacock, the strange prince appears.

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