The Nerve Walk

A person is walking only dependent on his sense of touch and nerves.
If you attempt to control your nerves,
you will enter the realm of the uncontrollable.

Realize that you are a gigantic kingdom of nerves.

Trace these accurately: A twig-like bone of the skull snaps.
Your ears stick to the nose.
Birds are about to fly out of your temples.
Worms are crawling up your feet.
Crush the worms beneath your feet.
Your cheeks are twitching and your fingers jerk.

A whistling sound from your windpipe.
You hear a spoon which fell behind you.
Dead leaves start falling inside your head.
Your body sinks a little.
You try to walk, but the door to a small room on your chest is now locked.
A slug crawling on your neck.
Grasshoppers hopping from your feet.
In the air, a beard appears.
You then become a stretching horse’s neck.
Vines start entangling your body.
You then run away after making a strange laugh.

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