The Choir Girls

Three girls sing a hymn.
The first girl is singing in high keys.
She stretches her neck and projects her voice
from the top of her head. Ahh…

The second girl is singing in low keys.
She has pulled back her chin
and faces slightly down. Ohh…

The third girls is humming the hymn.
The left half of her face is dark,
and she goes mmm…

The third girl becomes the lady called Boccaccio in Turner’s painting.
(Boccaccio is listening to the singing voice of angels.
Her index finger of her right hand is inside her ear.)

She then becomes Bernini’s sculpture of Saint Theresia.
(She is enraptured.
She tucks her feet closer to her body, dragging her shirt towards her.
An arrow of light hits her crotch.
Her nerves shoot up through her nose.
She is basked with light on her forehead.
Vertical wrinkles on the forehead expressing ecstasy.)

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