The Appearance Of The God Maya Made Of Nerves

A big peacock is fragmented into fine lines.
The lines become confused and then disappear into the void.
Out of the void, a small flower appears.
The flower hears a sound and the eyes of the flower become glass eyeballs.
Out of this, the god Maya, made only of nerves, appears.
It pulls a thread of nerve which is protruding from its own body.
It looks inside a crystal ball, and the god Maya disappears.
The person, now left without a definition, is now staring inside its own skull.
A white paper flower appears in front,
which invites a kinka-to candy to appear.
The kinka-to candy evaporates then becomes like a painting by Wols,
again made only of nerves.
The person is like a spider’s web withstanding the wind.
The center of the web is white and almost void.

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