Strange Man With Frog On His Head

A strange man with a frog on his head is walking.
He is actually a shadow.
In the shadow you can see many different faces of this man,
and they overlap each other to form layers.
The result in the form of a heavy neck.
This gradually dries and cools down and eventually becomes hard.
He then transforms into a noble lady in a drawing by Aubrey Beardsley.
The lines in the drawing overlap more lines
from other drawings of noble ladies
and out of this a dove emerges.
The dove, while listening to the echos of a ringing bell beneath a church tower
has now changed back into the man.
He smells dangerous gas floating from ahead.
His eyeballs change from balls of light,
then crescent moons and then finally concentric circles.

He then peels the petals of flowers on his fingertips.
These are flowers made up of his nerves.
His fingers crack a tiny whip at the tip of his fingers.
He then stares at one point in the air in the distance,
and gradually shifts his focus closer to him.
His right hand is pulling a piece of thread from the floor,
which is slowly raised high in the air.
He then becomes Adam purged from Eden,
a man made of Kinka-to Japanese sugar candy
like in the painting by Hieronymus Bosch.
The right hand makes these movements:
First a maple leaf, then picks up a glass marble and plays with it in the air,
then peels the petals of a flower in the air,
then gingerly holds a tiny, low-light stick firework
called Senko Hanabi and then finally plays with three pearls.

The right hand then becomes a large
solid object which comes closer to the face.
Only the fingers move.
The movements of the fingers are replayed inside his head.
While the images are being replayed he himself is suddenly whipped.
he is struck by a mild lightening from behind
which causes him to change back into the form of the man
with the frog on his head. He exits.

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