Sketches Of The Neurology Ward

1. A person washing dishes becomes a chopped head of an executed man
displayed on a gibbet which is washed away by a river.

2. A dwarf becomes a man’s plastered neck shown in Joseph Turner’s painting.
He becomes something material and slowly looks back once.

3. The perfume of death hands like a veil in front of a man’s face.
He becomes a shivering crow which then withdraws into the back.

4. A neck of a long-tailed peacock rolls four times.

5. A long-haired ghost withdraws into the rear, shaking his head.
The following are based on paintings by Francis Bacon.

6. A man walking with a monkey in his arms becomes a dog.
The dog then becomes a gorilla.

7. A man wearing glasses
shot in the face like in the man portrayed
in a painting of the Battleship Potchemkin by Francis Bacon
is walking on a tight rope in the air.

8. The pope’s left hand is scratching walls.
the right feet becomes a flag, which is waved four times.

9. A man trying to mediate and stop a fight appears, running.
He suddenly becomes weak
and then stares at the water in the swimming pool.

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