See Through The Crystal

You are trying to see through a piece of crystal.
Stare inside your own skull.
Repeat this twice.

While repeating this, you have been captured by something.
Your face has been transformed into the face of someone who has been kidnapped.
The forehead of the hostage’s face comes down with a fever,
and a plant crawls on the temples.
The face becomes blurred.
The faces then become the face of a beheaded young samurai by the name of Kotaro,
a character which appears in Bunraku puppet theater.

The face then slowly becomes transparent.
Before it disappears,
however, the face has transformed into the original piece of crystal.
Your breaths are sucked in by syringes.
The images have all been fixed tight as if they have been soldered
because you have been captured inside the crystal.

You are then picking up small flowers made of nerves inside the crystal.
You crack a small whip with your fingers.
More flowers appear on your fingertips
and then you crack another small whip, this time in your eyes.
You are staring at the fingers which are cracking the whip.

You are again staring inside your own skull.
You are precisely tracing the movements of your fingers inside the skull.
Precisely traces the movements of the hand inside the skull.
The body itself is now whipped and you suddenly start walking away.
But where are you going?

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