Scrapbook 8

This scrapbook is called On Animal(s). There are illustrations of horses, deer, cows, dogs, birds, rabbits, monkeys, insects, humans, and fantasy animals (e.g. phoenix, Pegasus, fish-like humans, or “spider-man”).

Pictures found:

Albert Durrer – Melancholia I, 1514
Hieronymus Bosch – Temptation of St. Anthony – Left Wing, 1501
Suda Kunitaro – Dog, 1954
Eugene Delacroix – Goatz van Berlichingens Horse, 1823
As shown in Kurt Wurmli’s The Power of Image
As displayed in Kurt Wurmli’s The Power of Image

Wurmli, Kurt. The Power of Image – Hijikata Tatsumi’s Scrapbooks and the Art of Buto. PhD Dissertation. University of Hawaii. 2008. Page 234-237.
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