Scrapbook 3

The name of this scrapbook was Stage Hints, Circus and had 11 total images, 9 of which were circus images. The circus images were advertisements for Alcazar D’Ete, Cirque D’Hiver, Cirque Molier, Ringling Brothers, and more. The images consisted of “freak show” posters, acrobats, buffons, The Siberian BearsLiving Bird-Woman, and high wire artists.

Otherwise, Ikeda Kazunori and Gustave Moreau were shown.

Gustave Moreau – Saint George and the Dragon – 1870-89 (Only the upper half of this painting was used in the scrapbook.)
Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, 1914


Wurmli, Kurt. The Power of Image – Hijikata Tatsumi’s Scrapbooks and the Art of Buto. PhD Dissertation. University of Hawaii. 2008. Page 199 – 202.
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