Sitting Position. Rubber.


Turn the neck to the left. Put the right chest forward.
Stretch the right leg like rubber sideways, then move it forward.
A piece of rubber enters the right leg, goes past internal organs,
then comes up into the right arm.
Then it stretches beyond, out of the right ear.
The piece of rubber is pulled down sideways, but snaps back up.
The piece of rubber is then placed on a hook in space.
This is pulled down again and the body becomes a small ball.
The piece of rubber suddenly breaks and the body is left without energy.


Pull a piece of rubber down with the right arm.
The left leg stretches.
Pull the rubber down again with the right arm.
This movement then results in a slightly stretched right leg. Pull it again.
Left leg and right leg are both pulled inside, and the body contracts.
The piece of rubber breaks and the body goes slack.


The neck of a person wearing eyeglasses
is pulled by a piece of rubber within him
and his forehead moves right
and left like a towel being wringed by the hands.
The right shoulder gets pulled in, and forehead moves upward.
The piece of rubber contracts within the body,
and the body itself contracts.


Left shoulder is pulled, right foot goes forward.
As the right shoulder is pulled back, the left foot goes forward.
The legs become entangled.
The entangled rubber moves upward and the whole body becomes twisted.
The piece of rubber becomes disentangled.
The neck is pulled left and right.
The right arm is pulled in.
The left leg turns rightward.
Air is shot into the left arm by a syringe.
The air inflates the body like a balloon.

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