Rose Girl

Beardsley No. 1

Person made entirely from nerves

Noble woman wearing thin silk skirt with a long hem

Line of sight pursues the nerves that extend from fingertips of left hand

Nerves extended from back part of top head to the ceiling

Beardsley No. 2

Noble woman walking in the dark following a wall

Instability of footing

Eyes affixed to the fingertips of the right hand, which touches the wall

Nerves extending to the ceiling

Beardsley Peacock Lady

Incredibly thin feathers extend out from back of head

Long silk skirt (the peacock wings that extend out of hips)

As the woman spins, the long skirt comes after

Not that the woman is spinning, but the skirt is spinning

The nerves from the nape of the neck that cross over the back of the head and extend to the ceiling pull on the skirt’s hem

Stare at the skirt that follows the spins

Wind puffs from below

Noblewoman holding skirt does half turns

It is as if there is a deer there

Beardsley No. 3

Nerves extending as if the jaw is seeking help from the ceiling

Resting hands

Beardsley No. 4

Gazing at partner from over shoulder

Left hand seeking to shake hands

Nerves extending to the ceiling so that one cannot run away to the rear

Rose Girl

Rose blossoming in mouth

Dandelions in ears, valerian on soles of feet

Wings on hips

Left hand has a bottle with deadly poison.


Mikami, Kayo. Body as Receptacle: An Approach to the Technique of Ankoku Buto. Tokyo: ANZ-Do, 1993. Page 118-119, 183
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