Quiet House

1. “The Red God”
A girl who plans an evil deed in the rain
Keep Floor Face throughout the whole time
Obsess with Salmon Face compulsively
Stuffed spring
Nest of Forest, Nest of Eyes, a moth placed on a
wooded board
A vaporized candy maker or the Christ drawn as a Samurai
A fine spider’s thread that runs on the forehead
Cat Waist
Behind World
Garbage disposal place
When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower
A fragile sound collapsed in a shed
Can Factory
Regenerate a reduction by X
Behind the mirror

2. Important
“Shisha transform their shapes quietly yet infinitely. It is not rare
that they borrow the shapes of things on the earth with
unexpected nonchalance.”

3. “Ash girl”
Soul and Spirit
Nobody visits any more
Nobody can sleep any more
Flower of Kan*
An extreme fulfillment came to her and she became an
incredibly beautiful being.
She learned the various customs of Shisha
A dream of horsemeat
A man who was dragged out of the behind room
A mad man-child sitting on a chair = a beast
Dance the beginning of Kanchen (*8) naked
Use the floor technique of Flamen
The morning when a storm has come

4. (Vaporizing)
1. Flower, Rain, Girl, Use all of them
Mask or Bug
Doll – Ash Girl – Washing Clothes – Nobody visits any
2. Running from Bird to Girl, Girl vaporized and sitting
3. Witch [A] is vaporizing
4. Witch, who is connected to the red salmon head, is
5. The Great Witch, who dreams of horsemeat, is vaporizing
6. Various Whereabouts are vaporizing
Water – Obon*– A far away forest – Shisha

*Obon: Special days in August when ancestral spirits return

5. Something that was grasped as a shadow of mind
A girl who moves with subtle speed
The Christ who has gone slack
The Christ who was released with the slacked body
Mad King’s hand – Bug, Bird, Stick
A sitting crane fly
These are almost danced by the waltz
Thus, the reduction by X and regeneration are flying off
from the far away forest and the nest of eyes,
And “Shisha” participate with all of these
Someone, who appears in order to dance these things (or
a Butoh dancer), has to be familiar with Bird’s fear and Bug’s
And the girl becomes the horse face and stops there.
Also, another girl stands up and becomes a doll through a
dragon fly.
All sways stop there.

6. “Can Factory”
“Can Factory” that hides in front and behind the mirror

7. (Dream of Horse Meat)
I was sleeping naked, and dreamt of horsemeat
Where did the whereabouts go?
Mad King was put in the box*
The whereabouts of the box is connected to a fine
Dance of hair
Reduction by X and regeneration
About the nest of eyes
Dragon Fly
Mustache that dances a waltz of bug, or Waltzing
Gunya-gunya* cat
Gunya-gunya whereabouts
All of these compose the parts of a ship

A bird with long nose hair and a bird which became a box
The ship has taken these forms
Or it could be seen as a dismantled ship
I see far away leaves and nearby greens and I fly
This is what I smelt at the “Can Factory”

*Box: Fold body into a smallest size.
*Rakan: Buddhist monk who is on the path of
*Gunya-gunya: Slimy and amorphous

8. (The morning after the storm has passed)
The morning after the storm has passed, nobody visits me any
more I stood up
A samurai commander becomes a nest with his body intact.

9. (Behind the mirror)
Behind the mirror a wall of light
The dizziness, shivering and swaying shadow of flower
are hidden in the freedom to carry the density at will.

10. (Mescaline)
The love affair of hands and the copy inside the skull are
connected through discontinuity. A mescaline injection is given
at a fingertip. Small flowers and small faces are born there.
Knitting with very fine thread, infinite mesh of stitches*, a
fire-breathing bird and a funny bear follow Mad King while
swaying*. In the middle of it, the head is chasing another
All matieres (qualia of material or sense of material) are
supported by the behind world. The compound eyes and
multi-layering are muddled and become unified.

*Infinite mesh of stitches: cf. the picture of the
*A sample of Chimera Body

11 (Chimera)
Bellmer* – to Funny Bear – to Horse Face
From Gaze of Deer – to Stick – to Beggar –Tiger
Bird with nose hair – Flower – to Mad King – Compound Eyes –
Bug – to Dog – Orangutan – to Ears of Fukusuke*
Ears being pricked – Dizziness – to Front and Back of Mirror
Things that are dying in the compound eyes
Doll – Mask – Papaya – Firefly – Development of a wooden
board (*22)
There are small flowers and so on
Horse Face – Girl Face – Dog – Spoon
Unification of Bug and Tree – to Behind World – A being who
tries sudden development, following the path of a plant

* Hans Bellmer: German artist who made dolls with
spherical joints.
* Fukusuke: A special character who has big ears
which connect to prosperity and happiness
* Development of a wooden board: Changing the
number of dimensions; one dimensional space as a stick; two
dimensional space as a board, plate, paper; three dimensional
space as a box; four dimensional time/space as a movement;
multi-dimensional time/space as qualia stream

12. Collapsing
A shout and a girl – shivering before collapsing

13. Shivering
The forms are independent

14. Mescaline Hands
The issue that the hands possess will gradually become

15. Slow diffusion
Keep in mind not to vaporize all at once.
A development should be attempted in the vaporized
This issue will also become clear before long.

16. The difficulty of changing place
The body is a dancing place. A dancing place of the hand, a
dancing place of the hip, a dancing place of behind the elbow,
and so on.
The depth of this dancing place is formed by overcoming the
deep memories (and qualias) that were caught in each dancing
place and reverse twisting them.
For example, suppose there is a house of Mr. Yanagida, and I
discover that it is a very precious thing that there is a peacock
in Mr. Yanagida’s yard.
And the place called “Can Factory” is narrated by the powder
that was dear to me.
They become the blood of the dance.

17. (Rakan)
Bugs attach to Rakan with senile hand – Small Flower – String
– Sea Shell – Scale

18. (The Eyes)
Gaze deeply inside the head and eyes – Gaze deeply at the
condition of the gazing deeply – If you observe from outside, it
may seem to stop moving – to Gaze – to Fine Fine Stick

19. (Small Box of Joints)
Small box of joints – Hans Bellmer – Samurai Commander –
Princess – Tiger

20. (The Flower of the Whole)
The flower of the whole and the participation into the
skin are homogenous.
The nightmare, in which everything is performed with drooping
hands, is particular to the naked body.

21. (Ripples)
Attacked from behind and inside, I picked a flower on the road.
Shivering, the ripples spread to the floor and to the sky.

22. (Heliogabalus)
In the picture of the abyss, the focus must be on the
participation into the skin rather than the compound eyes.
There is only one moment of Heliogabalus*
Things that endure – It was the other face of dazzling
* Heliogabalus: A Roman emperor; a symbol of
“Mad King.” He is known for his extreme eccentricity,
decadence and zealotry

23. Compound Eyes
1. Flower Gaze and a face wrapped by flower petals
2. Small flower inside eyeball
3. Breeding dust with eyelashes
4. A girl in the bush as a stuffed body
5. A girl and mad king in the bush and in the spider’s web
6. A girl and mad king in the bush inside eyes
[I am] waiting for an attack of the storm with the body that
connects to these parts, like a puppy that felt the coming storm,
or like a spoon or a firefly.
Thus, a Butoh Dancer must have the gaze that connects to
those. This gaze is the eyeballs of the pink parakeet.

24. (Shivering)
When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of flower
1. The extreme dirtiness of the enduring stuffed body
2. A waltz of cow and tree is shivering
3. When I rubbed a mirror, there was a swaying shadow of
flower from behind
4. Shivering
5. Picking flower on the road – Walking Blind – Dog
6. Spoon – Old Woman
7. Shivering
8. Small flowers and small faces are hanging on the grid of a
graph paper
9. Shivering
10. On the floor and in the sky, too

25. (Nightmare)
The nightmare is this naked body
1. Bugs, face of Michaux, face of a girl and face of horse, a
woman with perm, face of fool, face of a person drawn by
Bosch, hands that beg to be saved
2. A dog, a flower, a shadow, and a rhythmically jumping bug

26. Right in the middle of the strange development
1. Replace the love, which spirals into the hands, into the skull
2. A nerve became a stick, and a stick became a beggar. The
beggar was waving a flag. It was a large bird.
3. When the neck stretched as a horse neck, the elastic of the
finger stretched too. During the process, the point of view
changed to eyes of point. It was exposed to the reduction and
regeneration by X. At that time, the nails got jammed into the
back, the whereabouts grew up astray, and through the new
regeneration, a small mime was born.
4. The inside overflowed to the outside, and what overflowed
returns to the harbor of mask. The mask sets sail toward the
5. A wind of forehead, the forehead was bound. I ran through
the leaf of hands and the path of plants and I finally became a
stake man.
6. In the picture of abyss, in all phenomena’s 1 am, the
peacock of Mr. Yanagida is completed.

27. The participation into the skin
1. A small flower inside a small skull, extremely fine gaze, the
nerve witnessed sticks outside the head, the gaze that is
sorting the sticks by the forehead.
2. A walking blind with a small face is like a monkey. Lightning
struck the head of monkey. A small flower blooms inside the
head; a spinning thread song is heard.
3. The stretched out old woman will become a sheet of paper.
The woman will ride on the paper like a moth.
4. A samurai commander becomes a queen; the queen will be
put in a box of joints. The reincarnation from the box is the
dancer, Hoopee.


Lee, Rhizome. Behind The Mirror: A Butoh Manual For Students. 2010.

*Flower of Kan means the flower that comes from something one cannot resonate with. See synthesis.

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