Prince of “Bekko-Ame”

Bekko-ame, amber-colored candy.
When the ingredients of this candy are melted, cooled and made solid,
a certain form made of the amber-colored substance appears.
This dance is about separation and re-integration.
Bekko-ame candy is as follows: Dull glow.
Darkness and light co-exist on the surface of the candy.
Even the slightest crack makes it unmarketable.
Sometimes the candy was cooled down too early in the process
and it has become like a candy made of rags.
Transformation from an animal-like candy to a plant-like candy.
Likewise, changes in the form from a bird to a bull,
and then from a bird to a horse.

Try taking out a piece of bekko-ame from the main portion,
using any form you like.
The images you would be using must be beyond the ordinary.
The process itself is the dance. For example,
the form of the candy has changed after the dancer took just three steps.
For example, ghosts transform themselves at a bewildering speed.
For example, a walking man has become a musical instrument.
At times this dance must come with a dash of poison,
in other words it must not all be smooth.
Other requirements to the forms in question can be described as follows:
What is wet dries.
What is grainy becomes solid.
Fragments brought together to form one piece of something.

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