Monstrous Animals


An orangutan is brushing his teeth with a big toothbrush,
but he slowly becomes a seal.
In turn, the seal slowly becomes a dinosaur.
As the dinosaur walks, he slowly transforms back into an orangutan.


A horse neck stretches up and stops.
Hair grows on his back and he becomes an orangutan. Suddenly,
a flattened dog like a match box which is stepped upon appears.
The dog’s timing is important.


A cat gets wet. The cat is stretched and becomes a dinosaur.
It is stretched further and becomes a rag.


A horse neck has grown enormous and becomes a dinosaur.
As soon as it walks two steps, it has become a rabbit.


A gorilla becomes a gorilla in the dark.
Then it becomes an orangutan.
It then becomes a person who’s broken leg is in a cast.
In turn, it becomes an orangutan again,
which goes back to being a gorilla in the dark,
and then finally is back as a simple gorilla.
(Please see Francis Bacon’s paintings for these beasts.)

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