Michaux’s Ink Bottle

You are tracing the nerves inside Michaux’s ink bottle,
like in the his painting of ink dots.
The first dance is an analysis of gracefulness,
like fine jewels on the collarbones of Queen Elizabeth.
This dance is also an abstract cry.
(Michaux’s ink bottle crashes into your right forehead.
The bottle cracks and ink spills into the inside parts of your body.
Your nerves trace the spilled ink inside your body:
From the right temple through the right cheek
and to the twitching side of the mouth and to the neck.
The ink is now through your neck and out of your back.
It then re-enters your back and comes out of your chest,
which then goes up your neck again.
The nerve tracing the ink coming up your neck is suddenly severed.
The nerves then become like roots pulled out of dirt.)

The second dance is one about a beard of light like in the painting by Henri Michaux.
His face is of a person whose nerves have all gathered on his forehead.
The person himself is very thin and flat.
His attention is on a ray of light stretching two meters from his forehead
and which has been broken into a right angle after that.

The third dance is about a person made only of nerves like in the drawing by Wols.
The person is aware of the many nerves which are falling from his chest.
Then he is aware of the many nerves which are rising above towards his head.
The person stops tracing these movements.
His body stops tracing these movements.
His body becomes like plaster.
The person then traces the downward and upward movements of the nerves again,
this time in the air.
He then stops, and retreats as if nothing has happened.

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