Nerves like in the Mescaline series of drawings by Henri Michaux,
are overlaid with nerves like in the painting by Edward Munch.
Inside this overlay, nerves start cracking small whips, which cannot stop.
This dance is about the gravity of these nerves.

The person dancing this is at first insane.
His nerves are being diffused into the air.
He also catches nerves in distant space.
He feels the very tip of the far away nerves.
The nerves are then withdrawing into the body.

An instant evaporation is followed by the appearance of a fool,
which is different from the insane person.
(Nerves of the fool are too sensitive to maintain forms.)
The fool is about to give up.
The fool and the insane person are two different people
but in the end they are one and the same.
The destinations, whether diffusion of the nerves or withdrawal
of the nerves into your own body, have become the body itself.
Only the nerves are relevant.
Gradual changes are impossible.
The two persons are different layers of the state of mentality.
The two are incompatible because of their own impulses.

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