Leper Hospital

Leper hospital. (Butoh artists are branded lepers by lepers. Terminal condition. Enter the mysterious interior through the circuit of pain.)

Three faces of Francis Bacon drawn by himself.
Ghosts of roosters in teh rain, like in Henri Michaux’s drawing.
In slow motion, Bacon’s face becomes buried in flowers,
in the space of flowers. Bacon’s face, flowers, space of flowers.

Goya’s “Family”.
Orpheus’ head flows on the river.
Five faces from the painting by Goya.
Repeat these faces with electric hair.
Evaporation, a bird’s eye view, pus, evaporation.

A bird’s eye view. Bacon’s “The Baboon” becomes three dimensional.
“Hyakki Yako”, or a hundred goblins in the night.
“Yakubyo-gami”, or god odf plague. Finally,
it becomes a person playing the game of “Go”.

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